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Urban toilet. 

“Hybrid typology that fits the urban context”

Public toilet.
Summer Internship: Mad(e) in Mumbai

Location : Urban context, India.

Keywords: Bird observatory, birds nest, wells, object-viewer relationship, Nests as landmarks

The government of India is going through radical changes, and one of the reforms is Clean India. In this program they’re proposing new toilets to reduce public defecation. Looking at the urban contexts of a city, this typology satisfies the tight city situations. The intervention opens itself to a public space in the front. This typology would see a great influx of people, thus it needs to be equipped to handle larger loads. The toilet is equipped with modern equipment's to facilitate huge loads


The intervention has a floating roof which sits on three points to ensure a column free space. The roof is punctured to bring in sunlight to illuminate the deep spaces. A water cooler near the plaza with a green stretch near it provides the public a place to halt and get refreshed. The drawings were later developed more and exhibited to the public.