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Bharti Bhavan Library. 

“Reviving the ignored”

Heritage documentation.
K.R.V.I.A, B. Arch 4th Semester, 2014
Location : Old city, Allahabad, India.

Team: Darshik Parejiya, Tanmay Nawar, Vidhi Marda.

Keywords: Heritage documentation, Library.

Medium: Hand drafted.

Recognition: Award for excellence in documentation. Heritage awards for excellence in documentation for "Archiving Allahabad" hosted by INTACH.

Situated in the old city, the Bharti Bhavan library’s were built during two different time periods. The library’s were built with the motive of providing access to information to local people in that era. The buildings are on the same street. The vicinity is structured with the library’s being the focal point.

Buildings and spaces of Allahabad are ornate. They are a repository of architectural history spanning centuries. 38 structures were documented across three areas in Allahabad namely The Civil Lines, Daraganj, and the old city of Allahabad. Also documented is a cluster of houses and temples off Johnston Ganj cross road, along with a street scape of street.

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New Bharti Bhavan library:

A new library was built around 85 years before which is bigger in size and is also of two floors. Its still used as a public library on both levels. It is a load bearing structure. This library was built due to the insufficiency of space in the older library. Both the library’s are on the same street.


Old Bharti Bhavan library:

Situated in the old city, the Bharti Bhavan library was built up in two different times. An old library was built of 2 floors and currently is used as a doctors clinic on the ground level and a residential place on the first floor. It was the first library built in old city, this library was one of the sources through which the local people in that era could reach out to books and literature.