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Jiuxing Market. 

“Restructuring movement patterns

Student exchange : Shanghai Jiaotong University
5th Semester, 2016
Location : Jiuxing Market, Shanghai, China.

Keywords: Movement patterns, .

Same-Same is a project initiated by West Heavens since 2011. It has invited several groups of students from KRVIA to work with Shanghai local young architecture students to refresh the tools and views in investigating Shanghai.


The Jiuxing market comprise of three major agrarian villages. In 1997, Wu Fen the leader of the Jinxing village formed one big  community after combining the three villages and began the  development of the village and simultaneously the transformation of the village into a market which would go on to be one of the biggest markets in China. It is divided in various zones selling numerous products ranging from erasers and tea cups to wooden joist and steel sections. It has various departments to look into the welfare of the people, medical, water and electricity, finance, community participation, fire fighting, security and transportation. The market is vehicular centric and it lacks  pedestrian movement. Most of the trade of the market takes place on vehicles and cybernetic plays a key role in the functioning of the market.


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