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“Reviving the ignored”

Urban Development Museum.
Guide : Shirish Joshi, Nikhil Khadilkar.
K.R.V.I.A, B. Arch 4th Semester, 2015
Location : Mayo Memorial Hall, Allahabad, India.

Keywords: Scale, History and contemporary, Porous grid, Framing.

Mayo Memorial hall served as a town hall when built and currently the building is being used as a sports complex. The city of Allahabad was named to be a Smart City by the government. Thus granting an opportunity to revive the lost importance of Mayo hall. A place for the history and the contemporary to reside together educating the children visiting the precinct everyday for sports.


The idea of urban development museum translated into a active archive which provides a space for public exhibitions. The intervention acts a catalyst to Mayo hall by activating its spaces. The intervention frames the Mayo hall in different perspectives by changing the scale of spaces. The other building has a porous grid, with the built form floating amongst the grid jungle.

How can new interventions become catalysts in reviving the abandoned heritage structures?
First floor plan
First floor plan

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Lower level plan
Lower level plan

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Ground floor plan
Ground floor plan

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Section through the Mayo Memorial Hall and intervention


Section through the connection between the intervention and Mayo Memorial


Framing the Mayo memorial.

Elevation from the sports center. Porous design provides glimpses of the building behind.


Elevation from the active archive.