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The cocoon. 

“Home away from home”

Student housing.
Guide : Quaid Doongerwala & Shilpa Ranade
K.R.V.I.A, B. Arch 9th Semester, 2017
Location : Mumbai, India.

Keywords: Podium, 4 squares, City-home : Public-Private, Voids.

Mumbai city sees a lot of influx of students every year. Because of the lack of hostel facilities in Mumbai, most students have to go for either PG or rentals. In PG’s and rentals they face many problems from the society. Many unwanted rules are laid onto them. The idea of the building revolves around this, creating public spaces as well as creating spaces for the students.

The private spaces and an individual’s room is as important as the public spaces. A student roughly spends 12 hours in their room daily and more during exams. The whole idea revolved around this where individuality and common spaces intersect. To maintain this relationship between the public and private the building is lifted onto the first floor where all the public functions face the edge of the road. This podium level is open from the river side where disintegrates into landscapes. The mass is disintegrated into double height volumes which act as common spaces. Opening the courtyards by one side enables them to interact with the surroundings, and not become defunct storage spaces.

What is the relationship between private and public spaces in student housing where students feel at home in a society where unwanted rules are laid onto them?

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Different iterations for accommodating the site.


The site is situated in a residential neighborhood but is in close proximity to 6 colleges. The intervention site has existing ground floor buildings which are incorporated within the design. The site is adjacent to Irla Nala in Juhu and opposite to Kafi Azmi Park.




Process and final maquettes.