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Machine for Seduction. 

“Carving out spaces

Leisure walk & recreational area.
Guide : Sonal Sundararajan.
K.R.V.I.A, B. Arch 2th Semester, 2013
Location : Harnai, Murud, Alibaug, India.

Keywords: Carving, Niche, Scales & perspectives.

Harnai being a fishing village where every evening an auction is held for the sale of fishes, this attracts many tourists. Being surround by water on three sides and a small hill in between, the project attracts people to enjoy the various views the village, nature and auction has to offer.


By creating subtle expressions to enhance the experience of the person. The intervention carves spaces out from a mountain, playful with the scales the object interacts with the subject. 

Experiential spaces to enhance engagement with the surroundings.