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House for Solitude. 

“At Nara

The fragrance of chrysanthemums

Ancient Buddhas”

House for one away from the daily hustle.

Guide: Aparna Surve.
K.R.V.I.A, B. Arch 3rd Semester, 2014
Location : Somewhere in the woods, Mandu, India.

Keywords: Heritage documentation, Library.

Medium: Hand drafted - Rendering on Photoshop.

The Haiku is interpreted as a house for single or a couple. Sculpted from the negative spaces between the trees it creates a place where one can be in solitude and amongst the trees breaking away from the everyday hustle. The house wraps around trees and not disturbing them. It creates spaces for the residents to meditate, experience the nature and be cut from the busy world. The site is situated on one side of the lake with the Jal Mahal (Water Palace) on the opposite. Which was used by the crowns as a romantic get away.